Spartan Armor Systems Level III+ Quad Curve armor plate angle view

Spartan Armor Systems Level III+ Multi Curve 10x12 Plates - Set of Two

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Spartan Armor Systems has expanded their composite/ceramic body armor line! Their new Level III+ plate weighing in at only 4.9 lbs/plate with a unique, ergonomic quad curve design to conform to the user's body.

This Level III+ plate is specially certified to stop high velocity rifle rounds, INCLUDING M855A1 and "Green Tip" 5.56x45mm 62gr ammunition.

Manufactured in Tucson, Arizona!



  • 10"x12"
  • 4.65 lbs
  • 1.1" thick
  • Our Proprietary “Encapsaloc” Polyurea Coating
  • Multi-Curve ergonomic design
  • Stab Resistant



Projectile          Shots          Velocity (fps)          Penetrations          BFD        

                                     Min.              Max.                                  Min.            Max.

BZ API                2         2437             2457                    0           33.87        37.78

M855 A1             2         3154             3178                    0           33.89        34.00   


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