.300 Blackout 220gr Subsonic
.300 Blackout 220gr Subsonic

.300 Blackout 220gr Subsonic

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Velocity:  1,000 FPS

Overall Length:  2.220"


Originally called .300 Whisper, the .300 Blackout was designed to achieve energies similar to the 7.62x39mm Soviet in an AR-15 while using standard AR magazines at their full capacity.

Our whisper quiet subsonic rounds feature Hornady 220gr ELD-X projectiles for maximum effectiveness and superior accuracy. Hodgdon smokeless powder and Winchester primers loaded into 100% Lake City brass result in unbelievable precision, reliability, and top notch ballistic performance. A perfect round for home defense and hunting applications.

50 round quantities are packaged in our signature clear, plastic containers.  

250/500/1,000 round bulk quantities are packaged in 6 mil plastic bags with an enclosed desiccant pack to ensure dryness if stored long-term.