.40 S&W 115gr Frangible (250 ct.)

.40 S&W 115gr Frangible (250 ct.)

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Fenix FR series frangible ammunition employs a patented process that uses an economical and robust binder to create a brittle network that pulverizes when hitting a steel plate.

Perfect for use in close quarter battle (CQB) training scenarios where projectile 'splashback' is a concern, or in environments with poor air filtration.  Frangible projectiles are lead free and produce no toxic dust upon impact.

- Produced to meet SAAMI specifications.

- Satisfies all criteria for a reduced hazard frangible training projectile, including FLETC and FBI specifications for frangibility.

- 100% lead-free projectiles function reliably and show no unusual wear on the weapon in long-term testing.

- Suitable for use in fully automatic weapons and will not harm suppressor baffles

Sold in 250 round packages - buy bulk and save with tiered pricing discounts!

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Proudly manufactured by American workers in Novi, Michigan.