.45 Colt 250gr FXP Hollowpoint
.45 Colt 250gr FXP Hollowpoint

.45 Colt 250gr FXP Hollowpoint

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Velocity:  1,300 FPS

Overall Length:  1.585"


Fenix FXP products are the most consistent and cost efficient everyday carry and home defense round on the market today.  With all our state of the art machinery and fully documented quality process we wanted to offer a better alternative to the critical home defense and everyday carry round.

We welcome the responsibility of how important this round is, which is why all FXP ammunition is twice inspected by hand to ensure quality, consistency, and flawless performance. Ballistically, these rounds offer maximum expansion and knock down power, while having the right amount of penetration. With standard deviation in the single digits the shooter knows what to expect every time.

All variations of the FXP line are perfect for home defense, everyday carry, security outfits, police departments hunting, and even training due to our affordable price points. Now you can train with the round you hopefully never have to use. 

WARNING: These rounds are loaded to pressures suitable for modern firearms such as the Thomson-Center rifles, Ruger Redhawk, Taurus Judge, and other such revolvers.  THESE ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR ANTIQUE PISTOLS.