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9mm 115gr Battle Pack
9mm 115gr Battle Pack
9mm 115gr Battle Pack

9mm 115gr Battle Pack

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Bulk ammunition packaged in real USGI containers!

.30 caliber cans hold 1000 rounds 9mm, 1000 rounds .40 S&W, 650 rounds .45 ACP, 500 rounds .223/5.56 NATO, or 500 rounds .300 Blackout.

.50 caliber cans hold 2000 rounds 9mm, 1750 rounds .40 S&W, 1000 rounds .45 ACP, 1000 rounds .223/5.56 NATO, or 1000 rounds .300 Blackout.

40mm cans hold 3000 rounds 9mm, 2500 rounds .40 S&W, 2000 rounds .45 ACP, 2000 rounds .223/5.56mm NATO, or 2000 rounds .300 Blackout.

Our ammo cans are procured from local military bases and are in good condition, but will exhibit signs of wear and use.  Markings will vary.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to extreme demand, 9mm ammunition is currently running a lead time of 7-10 business days.  Please plan accordingly.