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FFL Transfer

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  1. Choose the firearm you want to purchase. Once you complete your purchase, the retailer will send you an email asking for a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL).

We are registered and listed through MOST of the popular online retailers (GunBroker, Bud's Gun Shop, RKGuns, etc.) who already have a copy of our Federal Firearms License. However, if your retailer does NOT have our license on file, please forward their contact information along with your order info to Sales@fenixammo.com.  Please DO NOT ask us to send our FFL before you have committed to the purchase.  

  1. The retailer will send you an email with tracking information for your order. We highly recommend you send us your contact information as it is common for retailers to forget to list your phone number on the packing slip.
  2. When the firearm arrives, we will enter the information into our system and contact you to let you know it is ready for pickup. PLEASE, please do not simply show up immediately after the tracking information says the firearm has been delivered. We are a manufacturing company first and foremost, so it can take time for us to properly document your order and prepare for your arrival.
  3. Once we have contacted you, you will need to pick the item up from our facility in person. Please have your driver's license, concealed pistol license (CPL), and any other documentation we need. Resident aliens will need to have their green card on hand.
  4. We are first and foremost an ammunition manufacturer, so there may be instances where we are too busy with production activities to handle your transfer.  PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT SHOW UP UNANNOUNCED.  If you do, you risk the chance that we are swamped with orders and will not be able to handle your transfer.
  5. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRACKING YOUR FIREARM DURING SHIPPING.  Our job is to complete the background check and paperwork.  We are not responsible for checking the status of your package, dealing with shipping delays, tracking your package, or anything related to your transaction with the firearm retailer.