Levi Strauss Backs Anti-Gun Measures

According to a press release posted on the company's own website, Levi Strauss intends to financially support various anti-gun measures proposed by extreme groups including Everytown for Gun Safety.

The company states "We are inspired by the young people who are speaking up on America’s gun violence epidemic. It’s an issue that affects all of us in this country and is all too prevalent in daily life – whether it be our children participating in active shooter drills at school, worries about our own safety at work or in our community or, most tragic of all, someone we know being hurt by the daily gun violence in this country (one quarter of Americans say they have been directly affected by gun violence).  

No single activist, organization or lawmaker is going to reverse this trajectory. It’s going to take an entire nation standing up and demanding change. And the business community plays an important role."

We encourage our customer to vote with their dollars when making consumer decisions that can affect our inalienable, natural right to self defense.


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