Social Media Silencing: “The Well Armed Woman” Removed From Instagram

As a business in the firearms and ammunition manufacturing community, Fenix Ammo is no stranger to the suppression of speech by social media platforms.  The rules regarding what can and cannot be said are always changing - typically without notice, and almost always dictated by a purposefully ambiguous policy written specifically to allow censorship bias with no explanation required.

The latest victim of Instagram's obvious leftist bias is arguably one of the worst examples to date - The Well Armed Woman was officially removed from the platform as of August 20th, 2019.  

The Well Armed Woman was founded by Carrie Lightfoot with the mission of ensuring women possessed the knowledge, self-confidence, and tools necessary to ensure their own safety.  There could not be a more noble cause, especially due to the ever increasing public awareness of human trafficking, sexual assault, and other crimes which predominantly affect women.

While we support the right of private companies to do business as they choose, social media platforms have arguably become a 'public utility', much the same as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and other telecommunications firms.  These companies trade immunity against prosecution for what's communicated on their platforms in exchange for the inability to censor those communications.  Unfortunately, social media companies currently enjoy immunity against prosecution ALONG WITH the ability to censor their users.

We encourage our customers to contribute what they can to assist The Well Armed Woman's ability to get their message out.  Please visit their website at and consider donating to their cause.

Thank you to Bearing Arms for doing their part in bringing awareness to this topic.



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