9mm 124gr FXP (Hollowpoint) (50 ct.)
9mm 124gr FXP (Hollowpoint) (50 ct.)

9mm 124gr FXP (Hollowpoint) (50 ct.)

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Velocity:  1,100 FPS

Overall Length:  1.040"

Finally; an affordable self defense load you can trust.

Fenix Ammunition FXP (Fenix eXpanding Projectile) 9mm 124 grain ammunition is all about critical performance. We chose the best components to put together what we feel is a no compromise self defense oriented round while maintaining affordability. Excellent expansion, deep penetration, and ultimate reliability. 

We're tired of seeing our competition sell 20 round boxes. That's not even enough to fill a Glock 26 with an extra magazine! In order to rely on your round of choice it is IMPERATIVE to train, shoot, and train, and shoot some more. Now you can do so with the round you plan to use when your life is on the line.

 Proudly manufactured by American workers in Novi, Michigan.