Magpul DAKA "Takeout" Storage Pouch
Magpul DAKA "Takeout" Storage Pouch

Magpul DAKA "Takeout" Storage Pouch

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Ammo Storage Capacity:

(1000) RDS 9mm

(500) RDS .45 ACP

(500) RDS .223/5.56mm

Ammunition Not Included - get serious, guys :)

The DAKA Takeout is a durable, weather resistant, 3.5-liter kit bag that's perfect for most indoor and outdoor activities. It's a great option whether you're heading to the range, storing things on your boat, traveling, or organizing and transporting your tools. What you use it for is limited only by your imagination.

  • Reinforced polymer fabric
  • Made of reinforced polymer-infused fabric with anti-slip texture for secure handling
  • Strong RF welded construction that creates permanent, impenetrable seals
  • Chemical resistant and non-hygroscopic
  • Multi functional quick release buckles
  • Rugged but easy to open and close zipper