*THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMO* .45 ACP Processed Brass

*THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMO* .45 ACP Processed Brass

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Fenix Ammunition's fully processed .45 ACP brass cases undergo the strictest quality control in the industry!  Save valuable time by starting with quality components.

Our process from start to finish:

- The removal of steel, aluminum, and Berdan primed cases as well as small primer .45 ACP brass

- Bulk brass is sorted by caliber to a 99.98% level of accuracy

- Wet washed using proprietary compounds to remove all traces of carbon, lead, mercury dust, and other contaminants 

- Processed on commercial grade equipment including a pressure test, depriming, full length resizing, primer pocket swaging/reaming, case neck trimming (when necessary), neck sizing/tension setting, roll sizing (rimmed cases), and a final push-through sizing (rebated rim cases).  Our commercial grade equipment also removes the remaining 0.02% of mismatched caliber cases, as well as stepped wall cases which are prone to causing case head separation failures even after a single re-use.

- Washed a second time to remove all traces of case lubrication, brass shavings, and other contaminants

- Tumble dried in hot corncobs to produce a mirror like shine and remove all moisture, eliminate the chance of corrosion/oxidation

Ideal for our customer who reload some of their own ammo, but want to eliminate the labor-intensive processing requirement.  Your reloading press will thank you!

Have a bunch of brass sitting around?  Send it to us for credit!  No more getting your hands dirty sorting, cleaning, and staying organized.  Spend your time at the range, not down in the basement.