Frangible Ammunition

Fenix FR series frangible ammunition features state of the art, lead-free, non-toxic projectiles which pulverize harmlessly against steel plates and other hard cover barriers. Their unique matrix provides a bullet which can be crimped, yet maintains high frangibility.  

They provide a higher level of accuracy over other frangible projectiles and will function perfectly in all types of weapons, including fully automatic weapons, and are safe for use with suppressors.

Manufactured from iron and copper dust, frangible projectiles will not contaminate the shooting area with lead or contribute to lead exposure to the shooter, range employees, or wildlife.

Frangible ammunition is the perfect choice for close quarter battle (CQB) training environments, for use with close-range steel targets, for shooting ranges with poor ventilation, and for anyone looking to avoid excessive splashback common with fully jacketed lead core projectiles.  

Our top quality remanufactured brass provides all the performance you expect at an affordable price.

Best of all?  Our frangible projectiles are 100% made in the USA, right here in Michigan!

We stock frangible ammunition in a variety of calibers including 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO, and .300 Blackout.

Please Note: If you do not see a particular caliber listed here, WE DO NOT MAKE IT.  We have a narrow product lineup best fit for our target markets.

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