About Us

Fenix Ammunition is a family owned business dedicated to providing the highest quality, yet affordable ammunition possible.  Located in the Metro Detroit area, we seek to remind others that Detroit was once the 'Arsenal of Democracy' by bringing ammunition manufacturing back to the area.


As shooting enthusiasts, we were tired of the constant problems associated with 'range ammo' and run-of-the-mill reloads we encountered.  With our experience in manufacturing, it was obvious that quality was taking a backseat to quantity, and we knew there had to be a better way.  Our goal was to throw out the standard way of doing things, ignore what we had been told by our competition, and create a process from scratch with one aim: building ammunition as if our customer's lives may one day depend on it.

Our process was designed from the ground-up to allow 'cradle to grave' tracing from component parts to finished product.  We are confident that our dedication to quality will translate to a more enjoyable experience for our customers, and ultimately, change the way in which ammunition reloading is practiced.

We hope you give us the opportunity to earn your business!