10mm Auto 180gr FXP Hollowpoint-Defensive Hollowpoints-Fenix Ammunition-50 RDS-Fenix Ammunition

10mm Auto 180gr FXP Hollowpoint (50 ct.)

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Velocity:  1,375 FPS

Overall Length:  1.255"

Terrifying velocity and huge expansion. EXACTLY what you need for self defense, pistol hunting, and protection against dangerous game animals while out in the wilderness. 

Our 10mm Auto 180 grain ammunition features factory new brass, Speer Gold Dot projectiles, and a slow burning powder capable of reaching the maximum velocity possible.

Fenix prides itself in having a large group of 10mm Auto shooters we have cultivated by listening to what they look for and producing what they can't get. Multiple rounds of testing different projectiles, measuring expansion size, and depth of gel penetration has resulted in a round which you can rely on when things get ugly.

Proudly manufactured by American workers in Novi, Michigan.