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9mm 147gr FMJ-Training ammunition-Fenix Ammunition-50 RDS-Fenix Ammunition
9mm 147gr FMJ-Training ammunition-Fenix Ammunition-250 RDS-Fenix Ammunition

9mm 147gr FMJ

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Velocity:  890 FPS (4.75" barrel)

Overall Length:  1.135"

Power Factor:  130


Remanufactured 9mm Luger (9x19 Parabellum) 147 grain FMJ ammunition using twice cleaned pressure tested brass, double base ball powder, and CCI primers.  

See why these are such a hit among the competition crowd including 3 Gun, IDPA, and USPSA!  Less recoil and muzzle rise allows you to keep the sights on target for quick double taps, while a heavy projectile provides enough kinetic energy to knock down steel plates even when stuck off-center.  

Used by all our sponsored competitive shooters including Matt Koopikka, Nick Molina, Rick Birdsall, and others.  As with all of our ammunition, these are 100% hand inspected using precision cut gauges to ensure functionality in custom pistols commonly found in competition including those manufactured by STI, Cheeley Custom, Hayes Custom Guns, and others.

9mm 147 grain is a naturally subsonic round making it a perfect choice for use with silencers and suppressors.

50 round quantities are packaged in our signature clear, plastic containers.  

250/500/1,000 round bulk quantities are packaged in 6 mil plastic bags with an enclosed desiccant pack to ensure dryness if stored long-term.

Looking for larger quantities?  Check out our Bulk Ammo section for even better pricing!

Proudly manufactured by American workers in Novi, Michigan.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to extreme demand, 9mm ammunition is currently running a lead time of 7-10 business days.  Please plan accordingly.