9mm 147gr NAS3 Match Grade (250 ct.)

9mm 147gr NAS3 Match Grade (250 ct.)

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Velocity:  880 FPS

Overall Length:  1.135"

Power Factor: 130


We developed this round to fill a hole in the ammunition marketplace. Brand new, super slick Shell Shock Technologies NAS3 stainless steel hybrid cases are naturally self-lubricating which results in perfect extraction, every time. We team these up with our proven 147 grain projectiles, Federal primers, and a special slow burning extruded powder designed specifically for low recoil.

Used by all our sponsored competitive shooters including Matt KoopikkaNick MolinaRick Birdsall, and others.  As with all of our ammunition, these are 100% hand inspected using precision cut gauges to ensure functionality in custom pistols commonly found in competition including those manufactured by STICheeley CustomHayes Custom Guns, and others.

Guaranteed to meet power factor requirements (125) out of any 4.25" or longer barrel pistol, or we'll refund your match fee. This is a TRUE match grade cartridge you can depend on to get you that extra edge.

9mm 147 grain ammunition is naturally subsonic, making it a perfect choice for use with silencers and suppressors.

Sold in 250 round packages - buy bulk and save with tiered pricing discounts!

Proudly manufactured by American workers in Novi, Michigan.